Scope of work

The Government has asked the Panel to consider a number of specific policy areas during its deliberations:

  • Opportunities created by the National Broadband Network (NBN) for senior Australians to stay connected to their communities.
  • Opportunities for senior Australians to get involved in activities to preserve our environment and help tackle climate change.
  • Priority areas for consideration by the new Commissioner for Age Discrimination – helping cultivate positive attitudes towards senior Australians across all facets of the community.
  • Improving workforce participation and investing in the skills and experience of senior Australians – allowing businesses and community groups to tap into an active and engaged talent pool of senior Australians.
  • Opportunities for businesses and community groups to provide a wider range of recreational and preventative health services that meet senior Australians' interests and support healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Creating new avenues for senior Australians to volunteer – supporting the networks and systems that can match the skills and abilities of a growing pool of senior Australians with community needs.
  • Supporting seniors-friendly housing – influencing planning, design and construction decisions to take advantage of the opportunities presented by demographic change.
  • Helping senior Australians plan for their future – helping senior Australians keep an eye to the future, make well-informed decisions and plan ahead for life's transitions.